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The coolest bike ever: 1970 Yamaha XS 650.  I had one in gold.

From Cycle World 1970:

"There is no question that Yamaha has achieved the classic Big Twin "feel."  Start the XS-650, sit on it and close your eyes and you could be sitting on any one of four British Twins. Seating position, handlebars, height, general balance and weight distribution, even the sound of the 360-degree alternate firing crankshaft arrangement, recall another country and a tradition other than Japanese.”

Fabulous is a word that gets tossed around freely by gay guys.  That said, sometimes the word fits the deeds.  Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous, Francesco Scavullo.

"Acknowledged to be the dominant photographic influence on American fashion and beauty, Francesco Scavullo has photographed almost every celebrated man, woman and child in the world today. His photographs have graced the covers of magazines such as Rolling Stone, Life, Time, Town & Country, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Harpers & Queen, L’Officiel, Woman and Max, to name a few. Francesco  photographed the covers of Cosmopolitan for 30 years. He has shot many movie posters, including A Star is Born with Barbra Streisand. Francesco has also done many album covers. Edgar Winters’,They Only Come Out At Night, is the first Rock & Roll cover with full drag make-up. Diana Ross’ Diana album shows her with no make-up, wet hair, wet tee shirt, and torn jeans.”

Daniele Buetti.  Swiss Artist.  Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about his practice:

Buetti develops his work complexes during a number of years, exploring issues in a medium adapted from popular culture, specifically created for the subject. The header-name given to each work complex is an integral part of the piece; usually in English, it follows basic laws of global accessibility. Once Buetti feels that a particular area of concern has been completely exploited, he moves on. Sensitive tomass culture and headline issues, he subsequently builds up new aesthetic strategies for a campaign including new paradigma of what makes the world turn. Within this diversification of expression, his themes remain closely related. Characteristic of his work is a choice of unsophisticated materials and techniques: his practice includes cardboard, tape, wallpaper, party lights and decorations, household paint and the use of on-site situations. His source material he often finds in newspapers and magazines; It can also be inspired by TV series or movie films. The use of popular images enables the viewer to access his work on an emotional rather than an intellectual level. His visual catalogue of concerns touches on fashion, football, cataclysms, terrorism, beauty, love, death, religion, to mention only the major themes.

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